Remodeling your kitchen starts with planning and determining the changes you would like to make. You concentrate on the big things such as maximizing traffic flow, appliance placement, and cabinetry first. Then you move on to whether any electrical changes will need to be made, if you would like to paint your space, and whether the flooring will change. Once the big items are determined, you can look into the little things in the kitchen. Here are some ideas.

Appliance Garage

One of the little things is an appliance garage. This is a space for appliances where they are out of sight when not in use. This can be created by having a recessed compartment of cabinetry that is hidden by a variety of covers. This makes the items easily assessable, but when not in use, covered and out of the way. This creates a less cluttered countertop. Some of the items to put in there can be your coffee pot, microwave, or baking supplies. You can create several of these compartments or just have one main compartment depending on your storage needs.


If you have cooking tools that you use frequently, you can install a hook system to display them when not in use. This way, they can remain within easy reach. If you have enough space, and you have decorative cookware, you can hang your pots and pans as well. You’ll just want to make sure that the installation is sturdy enough to handle the weight of the items that you hang. Additionally, make sure the items are hung in a way that does not interfere with the traffic flow. This could be an issue with pots and pans hanging from the ceiling instead of hanging from a hook system that is installed on a wall. For this choice, just choose an area that is off the main traffic path and high enough so that people will not be bumping it.

Open Shelving

If you don’t want to use hooks, you can install open shelving to display cookware, dishes, or have utensils close by when you cook. If they are floating shelves, you will have more options where they can be placed in your kitchen. Again, it is important that the shelves are long enough and wide enough to handle what you want to place on them. Open shelving would also be a good idea if you want to have spices and baking supplies handy while you cook. You will just need to pay attention to steam and grease spatter patterns so that your items will stay clean.