Since the world shifted and we began to see a new normal, many more family members are making their way into the kitchen on a regular basis. They are preparing meals and entertaining with friends and family. As Father’s Day nears, we wanted to take a look at some design ideas that would encompass the masculine kitchen. Here is what we found.

Minimalist Style

Not everyone needs to use up all the counter space with gadgets and widgets. Encompassing the minimalist style means doing more with less. Some of this could include multi-functional appliances, a seamless counter and backsplash look, using just the necessities in the kitchen, and having a storage place for everything that is left. The counters will be clear, the kitchen area uncluttered, and maximizing usable space for cooking and preparation. A look that pairs well with a minimalist kitchen is the industrial look.

Industrial Kitchen

Industrial kitchens can be rich in metal and concrete elements. This can be seen in the flooring, the counters, and the appliances. Functional use takes precedence over a lot of décor. Coloring can be blacks, grays, or a bold accent color that highlights your style. Another idea for industrial kitchens is having exposed building materials. An example of this can be ductwork. Appliances in the industrial kitchen are professional-grade and grand. These can be stainless steel and full-sized. The kitchens look clean and are durable to handle any type of meal you have planned.


Along with the minimalist style and industrial vibe, the kitchens will be simple. The tools that are visible will have a use and be used often, the walls will have cabinetry and potential shelving for essential elements needed, and most used items will be easily within reach. The space will look functional as a working kitchen should. Shelving can be open, and the most used pots and pans can be hanging within reach near the utensils that go with them. Popular spices can make an appearance near the stove as well.

The idea of these types of kitchens is to focus on the functionality of the area. The main idea is a usable kitchen for preparing meals and eating. There are many ways to embody this type of kitchen and still infuse it with your personal style. This can be done with the colors and materials that you choose to bring your dream kitchen to life.