The refrigerator has seen quite a transformation over the years. Around the 1920s – 1930s, the home refrigerator became more commonplace in households. Since that time, the refrigerator has gone through many transformations. The freezer and refrigerator combo, energy efficiency, water dispensers, and a host of “smart” features added to the latest models that can keep track of a variety of things inside. There are standard-size refrigerators, mini-refrigerators, and oversized options. Here are some things to consider if you want to have the multiple fridge home.

Extra Refrigerator

Some families have two refrigerators in their home. There can be one in the kitchen and then another full-size refrigerator in the basement or garage. These can be great options if you find yourself running out of space in the kitchen refrigerator. Additionally, if you spend time in the basement, then you can keep refreshments or snack food down there, so you don’t need to come upstairs to grab some food. The garage refrigerator can hold sodas or party food when you entertain.

Beverage Refrigerator

If you find that your kids are always looking for something to drink, or you want to make it easy for them to find something to drink without constantly opening the kitchen fridge, you can install a beverage fridge. This can be a mini-size fridge that can be packed with all the things your kids would be looking for. Another option for this fridge is if you are entertaining and want to keep the beverages separate. This fridge can be added to an island in the kitchen or installed in a place that is easy for your family and friends to access.


For the adults, you can have a fridge that is specific for beer and/or wine options. There are a variety of size options to choose from when thinking about these choices. You can purchase a refrigerator that has space for bottles/cans of beer and space for bottles of wine. You have choices where this can go as well. It can be off from the kitchen, in the basement, near the living room, or anywhere there is space and the proper electric.

Snack Refrigerator

Another option for your kids is to have a snack fridge. This can be the place they go after school to grab something to eat before dinner is ready. This can give your children the opportunity to have autonomy by letting them choose what they want to eat from the fridge. There can be food and beverage options available so that the kids can find everything they need all in one space. You can even let them help by having a running tab of the contents or having them let you know when something is getting low or runs out.

Multiple fridges in your home can be a great option. Review your needs and choose the refrigerators that work for your space.