With the kids headed back to school and the dog days of summer finally over, fall is a great time of the year to take a visit to your local kitchen and bath design center and start making plans for your next bathroom remodeling project. Whether you’re planning to do the work this fall or just get ready for it, here are some of the trends to keep in mind the next time you head over to the kitchen and bath design center near you.

Starting from the ground up, feature floor tiles made a big splash in 2014 and the trend has held steady through 2015 with many home remodelers craving the statement-making tiles. They’re especially effective in small bathrooms when you need to add style without sacrificing space, whereas in a larger bathroom they have a more elegant effect.

Now if you’re looking to renovate your master bathroom and finding your current confines a bit cramped, you might want to consider actually integrating the bathroom into your bedroom. While this was still a fringe trend five years ago, the past year has seen an explosion in the numbers of people seeking to expand both their bathroom and bedroom.

Another design trend that’s becoming ever more important with the times is installing smarter, user-friendly water fixtures that give you more control over the flow, mix, and temperature of the water in your bathroom While shower spouts of past had only one setting, now we have double showers which accommodate multiple people at one time. Be sure to ask your customer rep at the kitchen and bath design center to let you walk in one and see how it fits your needs.

While we’re on the topic of water, freestanding bathtubs continue to remain popular with home renovators across the country. Not only are they beautiful to behold, but they also set the mood for your bathroom, creating a serene effect that is sure to follow you all the way into the tub.

Finally, on the more upscale side of things, custom vanities have surged in popularity as people are eschewing the mass-produced options for something designed specifically for one’s own aesthetic. Be sure to ask about this the next time you’re out browsing for your next project.

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