One of the materials that you can use in a remodel is tile. You can use it to cover the walls, tile the floor, or even use the material on counter-tops. It is a versatile material. When you are considering using tile, there are many choices to look at. Some of the tile choices include the color of the tile, the size of the tile, the shape of the tile, and the finish of the tile. Here are some tile trends we are seeing going into 2019.

Vertical Tile

If the shape of your tile is rectangular consider putting the tile on the wall in a vertical fashion. The elongated layout of the tile will give your room a fresh and different look. You can use the colors and the patterns to highlight the vertical placement. Additionally, the size of the tile can also be used to highlight the vertical direction.

Subway Tile

This tile is so named because it was used in the New York subways in the early 1900’s. This tile has been making its way into home décor for many years. The most popular size of this tile is 3” x 6”. This is an example of the tile that can be placed vertically on your walls. You can find this tile in the kitchen or the bathroom.

Colored Tile

Changing up your room could be as simple as adding a splash of color with tile. You can choose to create an accent wall. Create a pattern with two or more different colors of tile. You can create a patterned floor with tile as well. You can choose bold colors, pastel colors, or stick with a traditional black and white mix of tiles.

Patterned Tile

Instead of creating a pattern with different colors of tile, you can choose tile that already has a pattern on it. These patterns can be individual to the tile or be put together to create a larger pattern in your space. You can mix and match patterns as well to give the room a bohemian look. The choice is up to you. It is always best with these types of tiles to create a patterned look on paper or computer screen before you actually place it on the wall to ensure that the idea you ‘ve created in your head will be re-created exactly as you like when the tile is placed on the floor or wall.