Some who remodel a bathroom want to go for a timeless look. This type of design does not follow the trends or what color or styles are hip now. It is more of a style where all the colors just work and the look you come up with will never be outdated. There are many reasons for wanting this style. It is easy to maintain, aesthetically pleasing, and the décor elements are always available. What are some elements that make up timeless bathrooms?


One way to create a timeless look is with color. Some of the tried and true colors for walls and décor are mauve, white, black, or beige. These are all neutral type tones that will coordinate with many different décor ideas. These colors can be used for the walls, accents, tub, sink, shelving, or flooring. These colors can be coordinated with other colors as well as with each other. You can investigate different color and pattern combinations as well with these colors to create the look you desire.


Wainscoting is paneling the covers the lower portion of a wall or partition. These walls/partitions are on the interior part of the house and can serve a protective and/or decorative role. The material can be comprised of medium fiber board, plastic, or plywood. You can adjust the height of this décor option, and it will change the way the room is perceived. The room could be seen as bigger with a higher wall partition. This type of wall cover can work well in the bathroom due to its anti-warping properties. Additionally, the paneling will protect the wall from water damage that can occur in a humid environment.


Marble is the type of material that stands the test of time. Marble comes in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing you to choose the perfect marble to go with the rest of your décor. You do need to make sure that the marble you choose is compatible with bathroom wear and tear. You wouldn’t want to put the wrong marble in there that will stain if makeup is spilled on it. If appropriate, have the marble sealed and cleaned regularly to keep its beauty.

Using some of these décor ideas can give you the timeless look that you desire for your bathroom remodel. You can use some or all of them to create the bathroom of your dreams.