When remodeling your bathroom, most people tend to focus on the floor and the shower and/or tub, with the toilet and sink often trailing in terms of items of importance. However, if you’re looking to give your bathroom a truly distinct and unique vibe, bathroom vanities Cleveland can often be the secret key to making your new bathroom truly pop!

Traditionally, a bathroom vanity is defined as a combination of a mirror or mirrors, one or more sinks, a counter top, and usually some form of storage for accessories, linens, or other bathroom necessities.

While you don’t tend to have much wiggle room in terms of the materials needed for your shower or toilet, when it comes to your bathroom vanity, you have an almost endless number of choices available through your fingertips. After all, the bathroom vanity serves as a central focal point for your entire bathroom, offering both style and function. With so many different styles and materials to choose from, it’s no reason why many consider the bathroom vanity as the keystone of a bathroom’s style—that which holds the whole room together.

For example, let’s say you want to have a rustic bathroom, a bathroom that would fit right at home in a log cabin as it does in the suburbs. A quick browse online reveals a wide variety of sellers who build custom bathroom vanities from a host of different wood types—including reclaimed barn wood, reclaimed fence wood, rustic hickory, rustic cedar, willow, butter nut, walnut, or cherry, just to name a few. In addition, going with a freestanding unit can also add to that rustic flavor you’re looking for.

However, if the rustic vibe is a little too old-timey for your palette and you’d like something more modern and contemporary, then going with a built-in unit featuring large vanity drawers and a built-in storage unit can help you to keep your bathroom goods organized and out of sight to facilitate that cutting-edge look.

Third but not last lastly, if you are trying to give your bathroom a spacious look with a lot of natural light, going with a bathroom vanity that has ample countertops, display shelves, and cabinets that offer plenty of functional storage options is perfect for creating a bathroom space where you feel like you have plenty of room to grow.

Whether you are looking for a bathroom that’s modern, old-fashioned, or something in between, don’t skimp on the bathroom vanity; it could be what is most memorable about your bathroom!

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