Ceiling fans can bring a nice finish to a room. The fans can be used to light the room or help move the air around the room. The fans can be lighted with either a single light or multi-lights. The fans could also just be functional to move the air around without lighting attached. The type of ceiling fan chosen would be based on personal preference and needs of the room. What types of ceiling fans are available for your room? We will look at the types of ceiling fans to consider in this article.  


This type of ceiling fan is the most prevalent at the home goods stores as well as most homes. The blade length ranges from 50” to 56”, and the downrod length ranges from 3” to 6”. These types of fans are seen in living rooms and master bedrooms and can accommodate a room up to 12’ x 12’. If you are looking at a room size larger than this, you might want to consider putting two fans in the room.  Fan choices can be customized by the size of fan, coloring, and material used.  

Energy Efficient 

Beyond looking at how large the fan is, you can also look at the relative cost to run the ceiling fan. One option is to look at an energy efficient fan. For energy efficiency, federal standards require that ceiling fans with the energy efficient designation reduce their energy load by 20 to 30 percent.  Additionally, you can look at the general room the fan is placed in. Fans in a room with direct sunlight will heat faster than rooms with indirect light or just indoor lighting. As stated before, choosing the best fan for the room size will also help to ensure that the fans are working efficiently for the rooms that they are in. 

Low Profile   

This type of fan has blades that are closer to the ceiling. These fans would be good for smaller spaces, either less overall room or a lower ceiling. These fans offer all of the same options as the traditional fan, just in a smaller space. Because the blades are closer to the ceiling the air flow will not be as strong as with a traditional fan. 

Remote Control  

A popular option for fans is having them run with remote control. You can have the fan in the center of the room with the remote control attached to the wall by the light switches. This way, if the fan is very high, you would not need to worry about getting a chair or ladder to switch the fan on or off or change the blade speeds.