If you are thinking about adding wood to your remodel, you have some choices to consider. Some of the choices will be where the wood will be placed (flooring, walls, etc.), and what type of wood you would like to use. There are three main types of wood to choose from. You have hardwood, softwood, and engineered wood.

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood is layers of wood (manufactured board, mass timber) that is held together with adhesive to create a solid board. Some types of engineered board are laminated veneer, hardboard, oriented strand board, and plywood. Each of these types of wood serve different purposes. It’s important to know what the wood will be used for. As an example, laminated veneer is great for construction components and beams. Engineered wood can be used for flooring, ceilings, and subfloors, among others.


Hardwood is a single source wood that can come from trees such as mahogany, oak, or teak. The general color scheme of these types of wood is darker.  While this wood could be pricier, it offers a higher fire resistance. This type of wood is known for being strong and durable, long lasting, and requires less maintenance. It is an ideal wood for flooring. One potential drawback for this type of wood is that scratching can occur. If you have it as flooring, then it will be important to have furniture sliders or gliders placed underneath the legs of the furniture to make it easier to move it along the floor.


Softwood is wood from trees from the evergreen type (Pine, Fir, Spruce). The fire resistance for this form of wood is poor. These types of trees grow quicker than the hardwood varieties, which makes them a more sustainable resource. Softwood is generally easier to work with and comes in lighter colors. Because softwood is easier to work with, the processing time is less. These types of wood have a very versatile use and can be used for furniture, walls, doors, ceilings, etc.

When deciding to add wood to your remodel, there are many options that you have to choose from. Review where you would like to incorporate wood, what your budget limitations are, current décor changes, and the amount of wear and tear (traffic) that the area will be subject to. This way you can decide the perfect wood that will add value and beauty to your newly remodeled home.