There are many ways that you can upgrade your bathroom without doing a complete remodel. You can look at the various areas in your bathroom and see how you can improve them. You can review the sink/vanity area, the commode region, and what this article will focus on: the shower area. There are different elements to upgrade your shower that can be reviewed, then determine if you want to make big changes or smaller changes. Here are some elements to look at.


One of the things that showers can always use is more storage. If you have the type of shower that has a surround/liner, you can upgrade to one with more available areas for bottles, soaps, and shelving. This way, you can have everything you need in the shower with you instead of having to remember to bring things from your cabinets. There is also the ability to find shower curtains with pockets in them. The pockets can be see-through so that finding what you need while in the shower is a snap. If you want another option, you can merely add shelving to your shower by adding a caddy. The caddy can be on a pole, hang from your shower door, or stick to the wall. The options for storage can be as minimal or elaborate as you like.

Placing a Seat

Another way to add to your shower is to include the option of sitting down while you shower. Just like storage, there are many options you have for seating. You can have a removable seat (i.e., a shower chair). This can be something that is only used by the person that needs it. The chair can be removed when others are showering. If you need/want more of a permanent solution, you can have a bench or seat installed. Options for this include a seat that stays down or a fold-up seat option. You can also change the surround/liner to include a seat/shelf to sit on that is part of the wall.


If you are considering a seated option for the shower, you can also choose to add safety bars to hold on to as you transition from a seated to a standing position. It is important that these bars are placed at a level that is optimal to steady yourself. The bars can be placed at an angle or parallel to the floor. It is essential to consider how many bars that you might need and if it might be beneficial to install a bar right outside the shower to give yourself something to hang onto as you transition from the wet shower floor to the dry floor of the bathroom.

Any number of these changes can give your bathroom/shower a facelift without breaking the bank.