Storage is a very important component of a kitchen remodel/renovation. You need to decide what will be stored in the lower cabinets, on the countertops, and what is left to be stored. Your remaining storage items can either be placed in upper cabinets or placed on shelving. If you began with upper cabinets, you could determine if open shelving is a better option for you. Here are some considerations.

How Much Storage

One thing to determine is how much storage you actually need. If most of your heavy items fit into the lower cabinets or on the counter, you might find that open shelving is better. One thing to determine is where your dishes are going to go. If you want to display your dishes on shelving, the minimum depth needs to be at least 10 inches. If the plates are oversized or heavier, you will need a bigger shelf. Another factor is how many items to store. A few glasses might be okay on a shelf, but a greater amount might require a sturdier shelf or an upper cabinet.


Additionally, a thing to review is what you will use the storage for. If you want to add more décor elements to your space (pretty plants, photos, or knickknacks), you can lean towards shelving options. Most of these items will be light enough for shelving and appealing enough for display. As stated earlier, decorative plates and fine China could work well on shelving.

Placement & Maintenance

When you think about upper cabinets, they pretty much have a set place they need to go. Open shelving, on the other hand, can be placed freely on the wall, keeping in mind the appliances and other decorative items that you have planned for the space. Shelving can collect dust, along with the items on the shelving, because they will be exposed to the open air. If you are looking for an option that requires less work, you might consider the upper cabinets.

It will be good to consider the amount of storage that is needed, your maintenance desires regarding how often you want to clean the shelving and its contents, and if you want to display decorative items. You can also just have a mix of both. You can have decorative shelving on some of the walls and a few upper cabinets where they would be most beneficial. Your budget and remodel/renovation needs can help you best determine this.