One type of flooring that is popular is wood flooring. Wood flooring matches well with many types of décor. You can have a minimalist design or art déco and wood flooring can work with either. There are various options for color, pattern, and materials (types of wood). One of the drawbacks for consumers is the cost of the materials and installation of the wood floors. An option that is available is to have a vinyl plank floor installed.


Vinyl plank flooring can give you the look of wood flooring for a fraction of the cost. The flooring is waterproof and scratch resistant. This is beneficial because this flooring can be used in any room in the house. Also, if your flooring is high-traffic, this can be helpful as well. When water comes in contact with your vinyl plank flooring, you don’t need to worry about the integrity of the floor becoming damaged. The flooring is durable and can put up with day-to-day life.

The Look

While vinyl plank flooring can give your home the look of having wood floors, there are other options as well. You can give your flooring the look of ceramic, stone, marble, or concrete as well. That’s the versatility of vinyl plank flooring. The flooring can be a solid color, have an intricate pattern, or be a mix of both. This gives you the opportunity to have different looks for every room in your home if you choose.


Vinyl plank flooring is made up of layers of material. There is a layer that helps to reduce scratching and scuffs that will be the topmost layer. Another layer will help strengthen the floor against any ripping or tearing. Then there is the layer that displays the look you want (wood, stone, concrete, etc.). This is followed up with the backing layer where the vinyl planks get their heft and rigidness. Since the vinyl plank flooring can be different thicknesses, you need to match up the height of the floor you want to install with other floor heights in your home. These can be areas where you transition to a different floor type or if there are floor transition strips. You don’t want to create a trip hazard with your new flooring.

Using vinyl plank offers many options for your flooring needs. You can have the same flooring type throughout your home. When you do this, all of the flooring can be individualized to the room it is in or the same design throughout. The choice is yours.