One thing that lets you know your flexibility is not what it used to be is when it becomes hard to lift your leg high enough to get in or out of the tub. Or maybe you have mobility issues or balance problems, the tub can become daunting. Instead of washing another way or sticking to just showers, why not consider walk-in bathtubs? What are some benefits?

You Can Remain At Home

If you are otherwise mobile, but the tub is an issue,  walk-in bathtubs can be the answer. Additionally, if you might need to some help bathing but would be able to make it to the tub, then a walk-in tub makes it easier for others to care for you as well. The tub is secure and can be outfitted with whatever bars or seats that you might need. This can allow you to retain some autonomy and sense of comfort as you age. You can have all of your toiletries in the bathroom at a height that you can easily manage.

Low Threshold

One benefit of the walk-in tub is the low threshold. The door on the tub is designed to allow you to easily enter the tub without much need to lift your legs. The width of the door is enough to allow you to enter the tub without hassle. The door is waterproof, so there is no need to worry about water leaking you while you bathe. So you can sit in comfort and bathe yourself.


Another benefit of the walk-in tub is that you can outfit it with jets to allow for a massage while you soak. This can help relax your muscles after a long day and could end up helping you sleep better. Again, you have the ease of entrance from the walk-in capability and the jets to relax your muscles. You can sit there and just soak and relax without worrying about falling.

Easy to Clean

Having a walk-in tub is also beneficial because it is easy to clean. Instead of having to lean over the tub to clean, you can simply open the door to reach the tub areas easier. There are few crevices for dirt to accumulate, so you can wipe and go as well. You will need to be careful if you’ve added a non-stick addition to the bottom of the tub. You just want to make sure you do not loosen or bring any of it up while you are cleaning.