More people have a preference for filtered water than ever before. If you would like to have filtered water in your house, either for cooking or just drinking, you have several options available. You can choose to permanently install something, or you can choose to filter as needed. What options are available for a water filter in your home?

Bottled Water

Some people choose to just purchase bottled water for the filtering needs. This would mean that you just need to make sure that you have bottled water available to drink or cook with all the time. What are the advantages of this? You would always have water that is ready to go. Meaning you just open the refrigerator and grab a bottle or two and head to the gym or just to get your running around done. What is a potential downside? Well, all of the bottles that you bought need to go somewhere. Some people just place the bottles in the trash while others want to recycle them. This will cause the empty bottles to accumulate, either in the trash or recycle bin. You can use less space by crushing the bottles before they are tossed, but still, this will increase the volume of trash/recycling that is used.

Water Pitcher

Another choice that is available is to utilize a water pitcher that has a filter in it. For this, the water filter is placed between the top of the pitcher and the bottom. Tap water is poured into the top of the pitcher, and the water runs through the filter and comes out the bottom into the main pitcher area. Either you can leave the filter in the water, or you can remove it to just have a pitcher of water available. One thing to keep in mind is that the filter cannot dry out. If it the filter dries out then it becomes ineffective. With this method, you need to have to-go cups to take the water with you.

Faucet attachment

Instead of having a large pitcher of water available to enjoy the filtered water you can add a water filter to your faucet so that whenever the faucet is turned on, you can receive filtered water. You will still need to-go cups to take the water with you, but you will not take up as much room in the refrigerator that a large pitcher would use.

Reverse Osmosis

Yet another choice is to attach something to the plumbing that would allow the contaminant to be filtered out. With reverse osmosis (RO) there is a membrane that traps the contaminants from the water and is usually paired with a charcoal filter in a separate unit under the sink. The water would have its own spigot to access it.