When you are determining how to set up your newly remodeled bathroom, you can make some simple choices to make it unique. Of course, you can choose statement pieces for your fixtures, or you can choose to make more subtle changes that can still make your space stand out. Here are some choices for you to consider to have a unique bathroom.


Instead of laying out the tile in the traditional fashion, the tile can be laid down in a diagonal pattern. It will catch the eye when you enter the room and be subtle enough if you are looking to make smaller changes to your space. You will need to pay attention to any pattern on the tiling and if you have enough space to make the diagonal tiles work for you.


Live plants in your bathroom can give you an oasis type feel. If you choose highly fragrant plants, your bathroom can have a tropical vibe. Plants also improve the air quality as well. It’s best to choose plants that can thrive in a moist environment, especially if you have a large family and the bathroom sees a lot of use. You can choose one-of-a-kind plants to be conversation pieces.


A way to make your bathroom standout is to choose funky pieces to decorate with. Some of your pieces can include soap containers, trash receptacles, storage bins, etc. These can be switched out for each season or when the mood strikes. You can choose oddly shaped containers, oversized containers, or brightly colored containers to stand out.

Oversized Items

Another way to make your bathroom a conversation piece is to use oversized items. You can place a large mirror on the wall or have a large mirror on a stand on the floor. Your lighting can be larger, with either a hanging piece or larger floor pieces. Art work can adorn your walls or you can have pieces placed around the room. The ideas for individuality are endless.

However you want to create your space, there are a number of things that you can do to make it your own. You can choose to differentiate your room through your flooring, the use of plants, funky containers, oversized items, and more. You can mix and match ideas, change them out seasonally, or change them when the mood strikes. The choice is yours, and you can make your bathroom represent your personality, style, and taste.

Photo credit: https://flic.kr/p/8VYrnF