Most remodels can be done any time during the year. As long as you are not having work done on an outside structure, then you will not have to worry about the elements. There are certain advantages to specific times of year, though, depending on what room is being remodeled. When is the best time of year for a kitchen remodel? Summer.

Some of the areas of the kitchen may be off-limits include the cooking area. If you plan a remodel for the summer, you can do some of your cooking and eating outdoors. If you have an outdoor cooking/grill area, then moving your meals outdoors should be easier. If you have outlets in your garage, you might consider moving your refrigerator out there, so that you won’t lose access to your food, and it will be kept cool and fresh.

Another advantage for a summer remodel, you can plan your vacation around your remodel so that you don’t need to be there while it is underway. Obviously, you would be checking in while it is progressing and have contingency plans in place if issues need to be addressed, but you would not need to be there for the day-to-day happenings.

Warmer weather would allow for more airflow, which could be beneficial for the workers if they are working with strong odors or chemicals. Also, if items need time to dry or air out, then the open windows would allow this to happen faster. Summer could mean less need for fans and other equipment for air control.

Summer is a brighter time of year, so more work could be done during the day, potentially lengthening the workday. This could mean that work is finished in less time. Also, less additional lighting could be necessary even if there is night or overnight work that needs to be completed due to lengthened daylight hours.

Another benefit of a summer remodel is most people consider starting remodel projects in the fall for the upcoming holidays. If you start your remodel in the summer, you will have less competition for supplies and suppliers, along with more time to finish before the holidays arrive.

Summer is a great time to start a kitchen remodel. You have longer hours of light, more ability to adjust where you eat without having to order out every day, potential for more supplies and suppliers, and more time before the holiday to get the look of your dreams.