Sometimes you just look around your bathroom and know you are ready for a change. Either you notice that you don’t have as much room as you thought, or you have too much room after the kids have moved out. Maybe you want to create a spa-like atmosphere or just upgrade your fixtures. Either way, bathroom remodeling can be an exciting time. After you’ve figured out your budget and some ideas regarding the changes you would like to make, another consideration is when you were thinking of making these changes. When is the best time of year for a bathroom remodel? Winter.

Most people who renovate in the fall are looking to make changes to their place so that guests will see something new when they visit over the holidays. Making changes to your bathroom after the holidays is a great time for an upgrade. After the holidays, not as many people are making changes to their space, so you will have less competition for supplies and materials. One of the issues that can happen during busy times is that the workers will be delayed while working on other projects or the materials you might want to use might not be in stock at the time you want to do your remodel. The colder months are generally slower for contractors.

The weather outside might be cold, but most if not all of the work will be done inside, so weather will not really be a consideration. Bathrooms are usually well into the house, so that would mean less cold air flowing through the room and easier working conditions for everyone. If materials need to be placed somewhere before use, the garage would be a good option.

Since it is generally a slower time for contractors, scheduling options will be more open as well. Scheduling your first choice for when you want your remodel will be easier. You might even have your projects finish ahead of schedule. Additionally, you have more of a chance of having your first choice for materials to be available as well.

Winter does have the possibility of hazards, though. If the weather is particularly bad, there is the option for cars to break down or get stuck. Potentially, power can go out as well. Checking the weather forecast for the time you want to conduct a bathroom remodel is a good way to try to avoid any of these situations.