Window glazing can sometimes be mistaken for something that is added to a window to create a seal to weatherproof it or make it more energy-efficient. It actually refers to the glass part of the window itself. The glass part can be separated into panes – glass that is surrounded by a frame on all sides. Windows can be single, double, or triple-paned.

Single Pane

Single paned windows have a single layer of glass. Due to only having one layer of glass, noise from outside and the temperature outside will affect your living space easier. If the glass breaks, then there will be a direct hole from inside to out as well. Single paned windows are not normally the standard windows seen in houses these days.

Double Paned

Double-paned windows have two layers of glass. One layer of glass is impact-resistant glass, and the other is non-impact resistant. There is a gas-filled space between them. If all of your windows are at least double-paned then you can notice some energy efficiency bonuses for your home. If your home, however, is a mixture of double and single-paned windows, the level of energy efficiency will be reduced. These windows are the standard windows that are seen in homes currently.

Triple Paned

Triple paned windows have another layer of glass to bring the total to three layers of glass. As with double-paned, these windows can increase energy efficiency whether you are looking to keep cool air in the house or to heat the home better. Additionally, the noise from outside will be reduced as well as keeping sounds inside the house as well. This type of window will be a more expensive and a heavier option though.


Low-e glass (low emissivity) glass is a glass that is coated with microscopic metallic pieces that are invisible to the naked eye but allow for the minimization of ultraviolet and infrared light to be able to pass through the glass.  This means that less heat can pass through the glass while still allowing maximum light to come through. Low-e glass is not the same as tinted glass, but the glass can be tinted if there is a certain look or style that you are going for. Low-e coatings can be used in single, double, or triple-paned windows.

You have many options regarding style, color, shape, etc. for your windows. Chose the window glazing that you think will best suit your needs and you can enjoy it in your home.