New windows for your home are something fun to pick out. You can decide to just replace your current windows with the same style, or you can switch things up and see what options you have available to you. Windows not only let the outside light in but also can be a reflection of your personal style. You have options for size, shape, thickness, color, and more. Here are some of the window styles to choose from.

Egress Window

Egress windows are important because they are the windows that can be used in an emergency situation when you need to get out of the house fast. When installing an emergency window there are size and code specifications that must be followed, but no true style that the window must conform to. You can choose a window that is in line with your other new windows styles and has energy efficiency as well. You just need to check with code specifications in your area to make sure you are in compliance.

Hopper Window

Hopper windows are usually installed near the ceiling and open from the top. They can tip open toward the inside of the room and can latch closed. Depending on the window you choose, they may have a crank to open them. The windows can be used to help with ventilation for the room, such as a bathroom, and being close to the ceiling, they still afford some privacy. This can help if you have particularly steamy showers. This type of window can close and be virtually air-tight.

Awning Window

An awning window is similar to a hopper window, but these windows normally open out at the bottom. When opened they resemble an awning on a house, which is where their name comes from. Additionally, they can glide or crank open, when they close they can be virtually airtight and are also good for ventilation. Because they open out instead of in, they can be better to keep the elements, such as rain, outside.

Bow Window

These windows are similar to a bay window but have four to six sections instead of the bay window’s three. These windows visually add size to a room, and the number of windows lets in a great deal of light to make the room feel brighter. Like the bay windows, this type of window can become part of a breakfast nook, a conversation area, or a place to display your sun-loving plants.