The kitchen, for most homes, is the busiest room in the house. People prepare their meals and snacks there, grab a beverage out of the fridge, and it’s the destination for midnight snack cravings. A décor choice for the kitchen is what to choose for the window treatments. Your window treatment choices will be determined by the size and location of the window. Here are some options:

Café Curtains

Café curtains are generally lightweight in fabric and cover the bottom half of the window. This allows for privacy (the amount depends on the fabric used) while allowing for the light from the top of the window to shine through. This can be a good way to allow for extra light to come into the kitchen which could result in less energy used throughout the day. These curtains can be paired with other window treatments to create an elegant or dramatic look.

Window Film

One way to cover the windows without the use of curtains or drapes is to use window film. This can be a frosted or stained-glass film, as two examples that go directly on the window which allows for privacy. The window film needs to be placed in such a way that it lays smooth and does not bubble. This can require extra patience when placing it on the window. Additionally, a specific applicator is also needed for placement. There are many different designs and looks that can be created with this film.

Wood Window Screens

A way to add flair to your house is to use wood window screens. These can come in a variety of colors and wood types. These can be custom made to your specifications if you want something specific to match your décor or house style. The type of screening can be custom as well. You can choose to have a tighter weave for the screen or choose different types of material for the screen (fiberglass, metal, or plastic).

Mix and Match

Instead of incorporating one type of window treatment, you can mix and match between a few types. You can have curtains with shutters, shades and sheers, and really any combination that you choose to put together. You are only limited by your imagination. You just need to decide the function of the window treatments that you want to use, the color scheme that you are looking for, and the available window treatments that fit your desires.