A consideration when choosing your window treatment is knowing how the window treatment will be hung or attached to the window area.  Some considerations for an attachment style will be how heavy the window treatment is, how strong the wall is that will hold the window treatment, and how the window treatment chosen attaches to the wall. If the treatment chosen is too heavy for the wall that is available you could cause damage to your structure and have the window treatment just fall off the wall as well.

Rod Pocket

One way that window treatments can be attached to the wall is through the use of a rod pocket. This allows for the curtain rod to run through a sleeve created in the window treatment.  This means that there is less hardware involved because there would be no hooks or mechanical operations to hang the curtains. This will allow for a cleaner look for your décor. There are many styles and patterns to choose from with this option.

Grommet and Eyelet

Another attachment style is the grommet and eyelet. These are shown through metal reinforced holes in the top of the window treatment that hold the hooks or the rod that runs through them. The metal reinforces the window treatment which can reduce the amount of tearing of the fabric and allows a heavier window treatment to be hung. This choice has more parts so there are more things that could need to be replaced over time.

Window Brackets

Window brackets can be used with blinds or curtain and drapes. They will look different when used with each, but they both hold the rod or track that will hold the window treatment. This allows for a heavier window treatment to be used because the reinforcement will spread out the weight.  The brackets can be used inside the window, for a smaller window treatment, or outside the window, for drapes or curtains.

Tab Tops

Like the rod pocket, the tab tops attachment style can have the rod go through the tab tops. The tab tops are pieces of fabric, individual loops that hold the rod. These tab tops can be seen above the window treatment, or they can be hidden by being sewn to the back of the window treatment so that when the treatment is hung, you cannot see them.  There are many different styles of tab tops to choose from along with different colors and patterns of window treatments. Your personal preference will dictate which style you choose.