The windows in your home have many functions. They can be used to bring a little fresh air in from outside, be able to see the rain that is coming down outside without getting wet, allow you to keep an eye on your children playing in the backyard, and many more uses. A way to finish off your windows is to add a window treatment. There are many options to cover your windows, and this time the focus will be on adding blinds to your windows. Some of the options that you have for this window treatment are material, size, and the directions that the slats go in. Here is an in-depth look at options.

Vertical Blinds

A vertical blind is a window covering that has slats that go up and down. These blinds can be used on larger windows or patio doors and can be made of plastic, fabric or metal. For patio doors or doorways in general, the vertical blinds can allow the door to be open while still maintaining some privacy. The slats can be opened or closed by rotating them in place to allow air to circulate or light to be let in. The slats can also be moved to one side to have a larger open space. The blinds can be as long as from close to the ceiling to the floor.

Mini Blinds

A mini blind is a horizontal blind, side to side, that is normally half the width of a regular Venetian blind. The slats are held together with a string that goes through each side, and sometimes the middle, which allows for the blinds to be opened, closed or folded up out of the way. If the strings are long enough on these blinds (the string gets longer when the blinds are folded up), there could be the issue of tangling of the strings that fold up the blinds with the strings that control the opening and closing of the blinds. Like the vertical blinds, the material can be metal, fabric or plastic. These blinds can be seen

Wood Blinds

Another material that can be used with blinds is wood or faux-wood. This blind can be several different varieties with the rich dark wood adding a touch of elegance and/or depth to the room. With real wood blinds, then care will need to be taken to maintain the wood to keep it in its best condition. A wood blind can utilize a different opening than string and instead of folding up, it can just be opened or closed. A long piece of thin wood can be attached to the end of the slats as a means to open or close the blind.